People often ask me some of the rescue stories I have done 

I never know what the next phone call will bring and these are just a tiny glimpse of the heartbreaking situations I am dealing with on a daily basis

6/4/22 – 7/25/22

Although this pretty lady was already fixed, she ended up with mange.  I brought traps and the feeders who feed and originally trapped her, trapped her again.  I treated her at the site twice and as you can see – what a difference!   I did her third and final treatment 8/18/22 and she is feeling so much better and back to her beautiful self! 

Sparrow - Adopted!


This beautiful girl was not fixed, not microchipped and had a ruptured eye that had to be removed.  How long she was suffering, no one knows but she is not only beautiful but a complete love bug!  She will be available in a few weeks for adoption.


This pretty lady was dumped at a feed site. Her mammaries were drying up and we have no idea where the kittens are. It has happened before where someone scoops up the kittens and doesn’t get mama spayed, dumps mama at a feed site and mama continues to have kittens.

2/23/22 – 150th Adoption!

This sweetheart was dumped in a high coyote area but he was already fixed and microchipped! So I worked with the microchip company and not only was this guy an older gentlemen, the people never even named him! They contacted the “owners” several times and they could have cared less! He was transferred to 4 Paws Rescue Foundation and went to his furever home today!  He is 10 years old and will be spoiled and loved for the rest of his life!


Last April, I trapped 17 kittens (12 of them girls) and 9 adults in a backyard.  One litter of five, we have lost 2 of the kittens and another one is neurological.  Today, the remaining brother was losing his balance and his eye shape and color has changed. He has gone in for two phases of blood work this week and started his FIP treatment.

If you would like to learn more and/or to donate to help pay the huge medical costs, please click on his picture.


A feeder has been feeding this feral for at least the past 6 years (he was fixed long ago).  His eyesight has been going and I brought him to the vet to have him checked out.  He is feral but the cataracts are bad and he can’t see so he had to come off the streets!  The neighbor nextdoor to the feeder also feeds him and we set him up in her home today and he is acclimating well!


Although this poor kitty has already been fixed (his right ear is tipped), he has mange and has no fur under his chin to his chest. 

I took him in today to be treated and he was back at the feeders home that night already feeling better and eating like a champ!

Sesame & Heidi

9/20/21 – 12/17/21

Beautiful Heidi is an FIP Warrior and cured (3/23/22)!  She was diagnosed in September, 2021 and here she is with her new little sister, Sesame. 

They are a bonded pair and available for adoption.

  Although her treatment cost $3,500 between 84 days of treatment and blood panels every 30 days for 6 months, she proves FIP treatment works!!!  She will need blood work done at 3 months, 6 months and annually after that to monitor her.


Sometimes cats already fixed and living on the streets need to go in for medical treatment. This sweetheart lives on the streets because his owner refuses to bring him inside 🙁 A neighbor takes care of him and had him fixed years ago. He is at least 13 years old and developed an abscess on his face. I took him in and got it drained and then he was back on the streets but still coming around for dinner.


One of my adopters called me this morning that she rescued this cutie pie out of a car engine! Her name is Sesame 🙂  She purrs ALL the time and her and now her big sister, Heidi will be available for adoption as a bonded pair in a few months once Heidi has completed her FIP observation mode.


This guy has had an extremely tough lilfe! One of my friends who feeds a colony and fixes had this handsome dude show up already ear tipped! I brought him in to be checked. The few remaining stubs that were once teeth needed to be drilled out. His paws and back feet showed signs of trauma.  He was either hit by a car or attacked by a coyote. And feeling along his side, he had a pellet lodged under his skin. The vet guessed him to be 12-14 years old. It’s a brutal life trying to survive on the streets. My friend took him in where he will have absolute love the rest of his life! 

8/20/21 One month later


This kitty wandered into someone’s front yard three days ago and the poor guy had mange.  I trapped him and brought him to the vet the next day. He was not neutered and was treated for the mange. He will recover for several weeks with more treatment and will be released back to the new home he wandered into where they will feed and care for him.  Mange is very painful and cats will die if not treated!

Foxtail removed from a kitten's eye!



Living on the streets is a very tough life!  I trapped 9 adults (TNR) and rescued 6 kittens in a backyard. The kittens had horrible upper respiratory and eye infections. But one kitten’s eye was super red and something sticking out of it. Turned out, she had a foxtail embedded in her eye.  Had the upper respiratory and eye infections not been treated, the kittens would not have made it and/or would have been blind!

Peanut, Tomato, Coco, Olive & Giblet
(Peanut & Tomato - Adopted to two separate homes!)
Kiwi, Blackberry, Kumquat, Strawberry & Blueberry (Kiwi, Strawberry & Blueberry - Adopted!)


Another roof rescue!  I was planning on trapping at the site on Monday but with the heat and wind predicted for tomorrow, ended up getting the kittens and trapped mama.  Mama will be spayed, ear tipped and returned to the site after the kittens are weaned.  In this backyard, I ended up rescuing 17 kittens and TNR’d 9 adults.  One of the adult males had to have an eye removed.  The homeowner said this had been going on for years.  This house was on a busy street and 12 of the kittens were girls!  This site would have completely blown up!  Please spay and neuter!  It is truly heartbreaking out there 🙁

Bumblebee - Adopted!


There was a kitten stuck on a roof from Thursday through Monday when I got the call and she is now looking for her furever home!

Cooper - Adopted!


Bathtub rescue!  I was getting ready to take 8 ferals to the vet and I get a call that someone just bought a house and this handsome boy was abandoned by the previous homeowner and was in their bathtub. I got there and saw that he was just scared (as you can tell from my pictures) so I was able to scruff him and get him in a carrier and he went to the vet too. They guessed him to be about 3 years old, not fixed and got all of his vetting done.  He is a HUGE sweetheart and one handsome boy❣ 

Charlie - Adopted!
Timmy - who fell into the wash


I was set to start trapping at a commercial location with three 10 week olds, two 8 month olds and the mama of both litters. But one of the kittens ended up falling into the wash. The feeder and another gentleman in the building next door got an extension ladder and both guys went into the wash with one of my traps and got the kitten! The three kittens are at a foster’s and up for adoption!

Ladybug - 8 hours later, all tucked in
Ladybug - 4/1/20


100th Adoptions! Not only were all three adopted together but they are the 100th Adoptions! 

Both adult sisters were dumped at a feed site and the daughter/niece was born at the site.

One week later
One month later - getting transferred to his new home


Sometimes cats that have already been fixed (TNR) still need to be brought in for medical issues. This poor kitty was already ear tipped but something was going on with the right side of his face and his paws were bleeding. He went into the vet today and they removed two probable squamous cell carcinomas from around his eye and his paws were infected. This guy is an older cat that they guesstimated his age at least 8 years old. It’s a very tough life on the streets for the cats and kittens. He had not hissed or growled at me at all and I was trying to place him in a furever home. I just could not put him back on the street with this going on. A month after being rescued from the street, he found his furever indoor only home who he shares with other furry brothers and sisters!

Gatsby & Maestro - Adopted!
Miso - Adopted!


These three cats were dumped on a deserted road in the Palmdale desert today!

All are super, super sweet and went into the vet and got spayed/neutered and had all of their vetting done. 

They are 2 years old and looking for the loving homes they deserve❣


Adopted❣ Ruffles – this approximately 7 year old sweetheart who was dumped at a feed site that I have been trapping at for 6 years, crying in the middle of the street at 11:30 at night, matted and filthy was up for adoption and found his furever home getting all of the attention and love he deserves ❤


I got 2 calls for kittens in car engines in a two week period! This sweetheart was adopted by the person who’s car he was in ❤


I got a call that a kitty had lumps all over it! When I got there, sure enough, she let me take her picture! She was already ear tipped (spayed/TNR) so I trapped her, brought her to the vet the next day and they were fluid filled cysts! They drained and sutured them and she recovered with me while her hair grew back. She was released back to where she was at a commercial site, feeling a heck of a lot better and looking beautiful again!


These cuties were dumped in a box at night in the Target parking lot on Fallbrook. One sister went to live with a big brother dog and the other three siblings were adopted together!


This lovebug was dumped after having kittens and had very swollen mammaries. She is now getting much deserved love in her new home!


This adorable bunch was left in a box at a feed site by a gardener when they were about 4 weeks old. Luckily, the feeder saw him leaving the box and was told that the homeowner said “to dispose of them”


These four beautiful sisters were rescued out of the back of a work truck (all under 1 pound).  Both sets of sisters were adopted as bonded pairs!

I also trapped their mama, spayed and released her.

6/2015 – 8/2015

This was a very sad site that I found out about in Oxnard.  The old landmark, Wagon Wheel along the 101 Freeway was being torn down.  There was 64 acres behind Wagon Wheel with mobile homes and they kicked the senior citizens out and most left their cats.  This was in April before I got there and there were tons of cats that had to be moved off of the site because of apartment buildings being constructed.  The bulldozers came and bulldozed over mamas and babies inside of the structures.  It was a heartbreaking situation.  I would drive out to Oxnard on Saturdays and Sundays and spend all night there trapping cats to bring to the Camarillo Shelter.  These cats were going into their barnyard cat program for industrial types of areas.  Not the best situation but they needed to be saved from this construction site.  It took the developer another two years to start the project.  Why they had to rush and kill so many cats in the beginning before rescues could come in and trap the cats still haunts me.  It was a very dangerous site with drug deals going on and one of the first weekends I was there, a guy came up to my car with a gun and wanted my SUV while myself and another rescuer were sitting inside.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to be done with that site. In the month and a half that I drove out there, I trapped 26 cats and got them off of the site and into the Camarillo Shelter.  Normally we do not bring ferals to the Shelters as they will be destroyed.  However, the Camarillo Shelter knew what was going on at Wagon Wheel and was putting these specific cats into the barnyard cat program. 

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