I have been trapping feral cats for many years to help keep the colonies under control.

As I expanded my trapping efforts to more and more sites, I of course came to sites with mama cats and kittens.

4 Paws Rescue Foundation was formed and has since been fostering and adopting out cats and kittens who have been rescued from the streets.

Mama with kittens in the middle of a busy parking lot

None of these ferals have been spayed or neutered

There are feeders that go to numerous sites daily and leave food and water for the cats. Unfortunately, they do not trap, they only feed and the colonies become out of control

Mama cats will protect their kittens at any cost and will heartbreakingly lure a coyote away from the nest and be killed to protect her kittens

When mamas go looking for food, they are often killed by cars. If they do not come back, the kittens will start wandering out and can get snatched by an owl, hawk or coyote

Saving one cat or kitten might not change the world but it changes the world for that one cat or kitten!

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on donations and all donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated