Although we were on lockdown, the cats and kittens didn’t know anything about Covid 19!  They continued to breed, the Shelters have been closed and it’s been non-stop out there with cats continuing to have litters. 

The hot weather is what makes the cats breed so unfortunately, California has become year-round with kittens. In December, when we have the Santa Ana winds, the cats get pregnant and then the kittens are born in the cold and rain in February.

It is truly heartbreaking and I’m always racing to trap the mama cats to get them spayed before they have even more litters at sites. 

The Shelters no longer spay or neuter all of the animals before adoption and instead pass out vouchers for people to bring them back to be spayed or neutered at a later time. Instead of keeping their cats indoors, they never use the vouchers, they let the cats out, they get pregnant and have numerous litters of kittens. This has wreaked havoc on the feral cat population! 

And again, with the Shelters closed, it is a very sad situation.

Although people are trying to help, they pick up the babies, don't trap mama and she will continue to have litters

These kittens sitting in a City Shelter hope to find their furever homes or be destroyed

This little kitten I rescued on 4/1/2020 – this is one of the lucky ones! She is 4 1/2 weeks old, she will be spayed and put up for adoption when she is 8 weeks old.

She will never have to be struggling to survive on the streets again. Please see my page about Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR).

Rescued on 4/1/20

4/1/20 - 8 hours later, all tucked in

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