People often ask me some of the rescue stories I have done. I never know what the next phone call will bring and these are just a tiny glimpse of the heartbreaking situations I am dealing with on a daily basis.

12/29/20 – 100th Adoptions! Not only were all three adopted together but they are the 100th Adoptions!

11/3/20 – Sometimes cats that have already been fixed (TNR) still need to be brought in for medical issues. This poor kitty was already ear tipped but something was going on with the right side of his face and his paws were bleeding. He went into the vet today and they removed two probable squamous cell carcinomas from around his eye and his paws were infected. This guy is an older cat that they guesstimated his age at least 8 years old. It’s a very tough life on the streets for the cats and kittens. He had not hissed or growled at me at all and I was trying to place him in a furever home. I just could not put him back on the street with this going on. A month after being rescued from the street, he found his furever indoor only home who he shares with other furry sisters and brothers and a mom who is absolutely amazing and takes in the most unadoptable cats and dogs from the Shelter!
One week later
One month later

11/1/20 – These three cats were dumped on a deserted road in the Palmdale desert today! All are super, super sweet and went into the vet and got spayed/neutered and had all of their vetting done. They are 2 years old and looking for the loving homes they deserve❣

10/12/20 – Adopted❣ Ruffles – this approximately 7 year old sweetheart who was dumped at a feed site that I have been trapping at for 6 years, crying in the middle of the street at 11:30 at night, matted and filthy was up for adoption and found his furever home getting all of the attention and love he deserves ❤

9/23/20 – Being in rescue, I never know what the next call will be! I got 2 calls for kittens in car engines in a two week period! This little sweetheart was in the engine all day and finally came out for food that night. The person who’s car it was in decided to adopt ❤

9/21/20 – I got a call that a kitty had lumps all over it! When I got there, sure enough, she let me take her picture! She was already ear tipped (spayed/TNR) so I trapped her, brought her to the vet the next day and they were fluid filled cysts! They drained and sutured them and she is recovering and her hair is growing back in nicely! She will be released back to where she was at a commercial site, feeling a heck of a lot better and looking beautiful again once her hair grows in! All part of the rescue process – sometimes cats that have been fixed have to be re-trapped for medical issues.
9/6/19 – This adorable bunch was left in a box at a feed site by a gardener when they were about 4 weeks old. Luckily, the feeder saw him leaving the box and was told that the homeowner said “to dispose of them”!

9/2018 – These cuties were dumped in a box at night in the Target parking lot on Fallbrook. One sister went to live with a big brother dog and the other three siblings were adopted together!

11/2017 – This lovebug was dumped after having kittens and had very swollen mammaries. She is now getting much deserved love in her new home!

8/2017 – These two beautiful girls were rescued out of the back of a work truck with two other sisters (all under 1 pound) and now love romping with their two older brothers and watching the birds from their catio! I also trapped their mama, spayed and released her.